A new dark comedy about the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity bubbling up to the surface in the contained space of a submarine – makes its debut at the Bread & Roses Theatre from 12 to 16 November. Under the Radar looks to dissect the unconscious bias and misogyny held by many men towards women, especially relevant in the #MeToo era. Through this sharp, witty and macabre narrative lens, it examines whether our cultures and traditions are the foundation of this prejudice, and how they perpetuate this bias in supposedly modern men. 

Review Links:

“Eleanor Hill particularly shines in the darker, comic elements of the piece, and is downright brilliant in the final scenes”

“Hill’s performance as Lee is outstanding her entire performance has you kept on the edge of your seat. It is very rare to find an actor with as much presence and ability as she has while commanding the entire stage. I thoroughly recommend going to see this production purely to watch her drive the Captain to absolute distraction.”

“Hill delivers a first-rate performance. The way she allows her body language to alter as she grows more intoxicated after Christensen encourages her to continue drinking is remarkably detailed.”

“Eleanor Hill is striking, beautifully expressive, and has a profound stage presence. The way she steadily becomes more intoxicated is completely convincing and relatable”

Special mention to Eleanor Hill whose performance is absolutely brilliant. She fills the audience with amazing energy, charm and wit and makes her character relatable and approachable.”

Obsolete Tomfoolery was a devised piece playing at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden as part of the Camden fringe. Below are a selection of reviews:

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