Set in a world where female sexuality is punishable by law, we meet a woman who has been arrested and detained by an anonymous authority.

Using part stand up, part interview, part flashback, she tells us how she came to be in this place.

Zipping in and out of her life in a non linear fashion, she shines a bright light on the parts which most people tend to hide.

From troubled childhoods, abusive relationships, sexual exploration and heartbreak she holds nothing back.

During the recounting of these supposedly taboo subjects she is completely and utterly unashamed and unabashed.

Or is she?

On the surface this strong and fierce woman stands for unashamed openness, yet at times seems to battle with the very notion it.

Here we begin to see the damaging effect that society’s restrictive impositions and impossible expectations have had on what would otherwise be a fantastically flawed female.


Can a woman call bullshit on yoga and clean eating and embrace carbs? Can she celebrate her sexual encounters and then wallow in self pity and heartbreak when they are over?

Or, should she feel shame at her inability to bury all her feelings under a calm facade of femininity?

These are just a few of the questions which have rattled around my head since seeing Bridle.

There is perhaps a little work to be done on the format which at times feel a tad to disjointed, but on the whole it is an incredibly honest, relatable and thought provoking piece and I thoroughly recommend it.

Unfortunately its finished its run at the Kings Head Theatre however you should give the fabulously talented Stephanie Martin a look on Twitter to see what else she is up to!


PS. Give the Kings Head Theatre a look too. They have ‘Festival 47‘ on at the moment which is a “celebration of the UK’s most exciting, bold and ambitious emerging companies.” It’s a great venue which pays its performers Equity rates, supports up an coming acts and doubles as a pub…what more could you want!


PPS. I’ll be doing a round up of some of my favourite Pub/Theatres soon, so keep a look out for that!

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