Turning 25, my quarter life crisis

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Why is it only those going through a mid life crisis that get attention?

What about us lot who are hitting our quarter life crisis, don’t we get some too?

So six months ago I turned 25, and as with every birthday since 21, I felt pretty miserable about it.

This year however I decided rather than just getting drunk, I would actually make some changes. Okay, I mean I got drunk too, but after that I made changes.

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You know the one: you broke up years ago, but you still talk to and still hook up with when you’re drunk. The one that always promises to change and never does and finally the one your friends and family are sick of.

Yeah we all have one.

I decided to cut him out, and it was a very good decision. That constant back and forth with an EX is just not conducive (big grown up word) to a happy life.

An EX that is always there, is just a reminder of the time you wasted waiting for his sorry arse to change his ways. He’s only going to make your quarter life crisis even worse…so ditch him.

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You can read more on how I got into running here, but essentially the reasons are two fold.

One- I want to loose weight. I want to lay the foundations for the future now, avoiding the middle aged spread and feel incredible in my dresses!

Two- I suffer from anxiety ( casual mental health announcement slipped in there) and I had read and watched a lot of things that sing the praises of exercise for health. So I gave it a go, and it’s amazing. Runners high is REAL! It allows me some “me time”, gives me a goal, and helps me to clear my head, while also making me healthier.

I recommend running to anyone; it’s free, you can do it when you want and you should start to feel the benefits very quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 23.35.06.png

So as part of my quarter life crisis, I started to feel like a haggard old woman. I worried what the years of face wipes and all nighters had done to my skin. And so very luckily for me, my Dad’s girlfriend bought me a SpaceNK voucher!

With this, and after much review searching, I managed to get a whole new skincare regime. Goodbye face wipes, Micellar and sand paperesque exfoliators; hello cleansing balms, serums and face oils.

Not only do you end up feeling great about your skin, but you get another bit of me time every morning and night.

Just light a candle, sit at your dressing table and paper yourself. All the anxiety will melt away, and hopefully some of the wrinkles too.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 00.42.57.png


The only thing I have ever wanted to do, is to be an actor, and yet since leaving uni, all I have done is spend 4 years in office jobs wishing I could follow my dream and act.

Well shockingly dreams do not just turn up on your doorstep.

You have to chase them!

So I quit my job, and started chasing.

Sure, I have no money and I’m scared that it might not work out, BUT I’m more scared that I will look back and think what if….?

Trust me, if you have a thing you have always wanted to do, then now is the time. More than often your hard work will pay off, as I have just found out!! 🎭

If you’d like to follow my journey to acting you can do so on my YouTube channel and on this blog ❤

So there you have it, my quarter life crisis action plan. See you in 25 years for the mid life crisis featuring, botox, lipo and more than likely a cheeky toy boy!


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