ShitFaced Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing: Reviewed


As if old Bill didn’t make ‘Much A Do’ funny enough,  the ShitFaced Shakespeare cast decided to get one of their actors absolutely plastered and then shove them on the stage. Now, it goes without saying that one drunken nutter attempting the devilishly difficult job of reciting Shakespeare is hilarious, but what makes this all even more funny, is that everyone else on the stage is desperately trying to keep their shit together and get through the play. 


The result is about an hour of ridiculousness, but in the best possible way. 

If you were looking for a fresh take on a classic play but with a twist for all you alcohol lovers, this would be it.  

I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen Leonato get off with Claudio and Hero right before flashing her knickers during the masquerade ball scene. Nor will you have watched a fight with Don John and Leonato with the weapon of choice being a blow up zimmer frame.


Kept on track by an external character and compère, the cast managed to muddle through the play and by some miracle include every major plot twist, even with a hilarious 5 minutes where they managed to get stuck in an eternal Shakespearean loop.

You don’t need a degree in Shakespeare to enjoy this, in fact you don’t even really need to know the play at all, though if you do you’ll most likely pick up even more of the jokes. 

If you’re a drinker I advise grabbing a few beers for the show, because it’s thirsty work keeping up with a smashed Shakespearean.

This is showing at the Leicester Square Theatre until 16th September and you can grab tickets here!

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