Grounded at the Gate Theatre:Reviewed

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From air force to chair force, ‘Grounded’ follows the story of an unnamed fearless female fighter pilot who goes from ‘one of the boys’ flying up in the blue, to wife and mother behind a desk staring at the grey screen.

It challenges the preconceptions on modern warfare, motherhood, wedded life and the rewards that each can, or in fact cannot, give.

Lucy Ellinson’s performance was truly captivating and for the whole hour I was completely transfixed; she was performing to me and me only.

As you walk into the relatively dark theatre you’ll be greeted with the likes of ACDC, and The Prodigy blaring out to you. Once you’ve had time to adjust to the dark and loud surroundings, you’ll register that in the square gauze box which makes up the thrust stage, stands Ellinson.

The lights come up and we are ready for take off.

Ellinson is effortless. She’s funny, feisty and seems to glide through the piece as though she were flying her beloved F16 fighter jet. Soaring through the hour long monologue, twisting and turning through her life, until finally she crashes down to the devastating climax.

If you’ve not been to the Gate then you really must. It’s a small theatre space above a pub in Notting Hill and it is the essence of good theatre. The lack of frills, the small price tags and the great talent make for a brilliant show every time.

Tickets to this show are here and you are going to have to be quick, as it finishes on the 28th March. This is a must see, so stop reading and start booking!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ellinson is effortless

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