From couch to 1k- How I bullied myself into running (jogging)

Run run as fast I can, I can only think about eating a ginger bread man. 🏃

Okay so anyone who knows me will know that exercise is not a word I like.

I am someone who WALKED a 10K charity run and then still celebrated with Prosseco.

To me a protein shake is a slab of blue steak washed down with a bottle of champagne and running is what one does when they spent too long on their make up and are late for the train.

BUT then I turned 25 and following my annual quarter life crisis I realised that now was the time to take action.

If I wanted to avoid the middle aged spread I had to rectify the damage done from years of Prosseco filled nights followed by Pizza Hut reliant days.

All I needed to do, was run.

So I had all the gear, and absolutely no idea.

And therefore like any good millennial I hit up the internet and searched the AppStore.

There I found a wealth of info on meal plans, run plans, life plans, plans plans, it was all a little intense and so in the end I chose three.

MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and SleepCyle

One helps me track my runs (okay they are jogs but I feel like I lose pounds by just saying run OK?!) I found this to be super helpful in motivating me to beat myself and to identify routes I could do.

The other logs my weight and food and all that other stuff! If I’m honest I forget to do the food all the time, and I find that a lot of stuff has multiple calorie variations so god knows if it’s even right. But it is helpful to track my weight and water! Oh and anything that has a barcode. ( Can we start barcoding oranges… and cocktails?!)

And the final one logs magic about my sleep quality and heart rate, this one was to see if the exercise is having impact on my sleep and visa versa.

Now I can’t say having three Apps isn’t annoying me because it is, BUT luckily they all pull in to the HealthApp and I can look at all my progress in one place!

So, I’m not about to run 10K Or even 5K BUT with the help of these Apps and my will power/ fear of the middle aged spread I have gone from being able to run literally 5 seconds to 1K  with no stops, and 3K with the occasional heart attack. And been able to drop 4lbs in 4 weeks.

The point of this post is mainly to show that if you are scared of obesity enough you will run. JOKE

No, the point is to show that it can be done, and often it doesn’t need a super expensive gym pass, a crazy new diet plan and an app from a famous blogger with a substantial subscription fee.

It may not lead you to have the body of an Olympian or a model but what it will do is make you a little bit fitter, a little bit healthier and a little bit happier.

Disclaimer- my opinions in this post are subject to weather, hunger and hangovers. 😂

Do let me know your thoughts, any tips and advice ❤️

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