What to do in Barcelona: My favourite bits

I’d never been to Barcelona, in fact I’d never been to Spain, so this post may be  a tad touristy. Next time I go, and there will be a next time! I promise I’ll be on a mission to bring you the hidden treasures

Number one: The Food

I love food so very much, and this trip delivered me it in abundance. Not only did I get to eat Tapas for every meal (Yes I could live off of Patas bravas and Chorizo) but I also was completely overwhelmed by the sweet treats on offer.

Dragon- Fruit

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be wanting to go here, it’s called Happy Pills! A sweet shop which makes candy that looks like drugs. Kind of like the opposite of what goes on in Amsterdam.

Happy- Pills-Sweets

These are not fruit, they are sweets made to look like fruit. Sort of like the opposite for when a parent disguises broccoli as a tree.


Number two: The buildings

Now obviously the most famous of these is the Saragada Familiar by Antoni Gaudi (below). As you travel around the city you start to discover that Gaudi essentially built it all. That’s right, “He built this city, he built this city on neo gothic art”   His tell-tell trencadis ( mosaic’s to you and me) and his warped undulating architectural trademark can be seen on almost every street.

Below you can see the Passion Facade, it’s skeletal like features harshly demonstrating the suffering of Christ and the sins of man. It is breathtaking.

There are also other buildings in Barcelona, and they are equally as beautiful! Just grab an ice lolly and go for a stroll. Also if you are like me and love a corner building lover ( see below) then this is the city for you!

I didn’t think it hygienic to kiss the kissing wall, however I did get a little lipstick envy looking at it, and couldn’t help try to identify the Ruby Woo’s from the Russian reds and the Kim K.W’s from the Penelope Pink’s

So not a building, but Font Magica, is a must. Music, water and lights come together in a way that is simply, well, magic!

Number three: The Scenery

Seasonal dependent I guess but when we were there everything was blue, and not just blue the most amazing sun kissed blue!

Wardrobe choices

Sunglasses: Similar

Shorts: Misguided 

Sliders: Primark ( go a size up)

Black Zara Trousers sold out (Similar here: Big bucks or Budget)

Black Crop top from Primark

Bag: Similar here: Different colour

Jumpsuit: Zara double strap jumpsuit (Sold out) Similar here: Different colour

Bag: Similar here: Different colour

Heels: Carvela patent wedge (Sold out) Similar here: Cork heel


Playsuit: Primark £10! Grab it now!

Shoes: Dune Here


  • Be careful when ordering Patas Bravas, in some places they give you what looks like oven chips!
  • Do go to the Tapas bar in the middle of La Boqueria, was by far the best of the whole trip
  • Do drink all different kinds of Cava, and as much of it as possible, it’s so very cheap
  • Do eat as much meat as possible, unless of course you are a vegetarian.
  • Pre book your tickets to see this, you will get a slight discount and also guarantee a slot to go in.  Book Tickets
  • If you are only going for a few days PLAN! You need an itinerary so that you get to see as much as you can. Either that or just go for a little longer!

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