City Strolling and Pokemon Hunting in London


One of the things I love to do in London when it is a nice summer’s eve is go on a stroll through the city and so last week that is exactly what I did. Now I want to be up front here I’m not one of life’s great walkers, but strolling now that I can get on board with, especially with the invention of the new Pokemon Go app!

I was a little late to the Pokemon party, but as soon as I joined I got there I was hooked.

I mean there is the part of me that wants to sell it in as a purely amazing invention for encouraging us to get out into the world to get fit walking for miles and miles to get a rare Pokemon or to make an egg hatch. But if I purely said it was that, I’d be a liar.

It’s a massive dose of nostalgia for 90’s kids.

I mean we traded Pokemon cards like drugs,  my very first kiss was Pokemon card related. Seriously I kissed a boy on the cheek for a sparkly Pickachu card, that’s basically Pokemon prostitution.

Then a little later Nintendo waded in with Pokemon gameboy and hours and hours were sucked away trying to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Those games were so cool you know, but what little Eleanor of the 90’s  really  wanted was to get out there and capture Pokemon for real.


Then there is the digital marketer in me that appreciates the technology behind this app, i mean like the tech behind the AR blows my mind, and from time to time blows the Pokemon Go server, but whatever.

So the sun came out, Pokemon Go came out in the UK and I went hunting, stopping for refreshments on the way of course.

The refreshments, came by way of Oysters and Ginger Lemonade from the lovely Hyatt Regency London: The Churchill.

Though my work is close to the Churchill I have never been inside and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by it. It had a lovely vibe, fancy but not ponsy, like Churchill I guess.

The Oysters where lovely, nice and meaty and tasting exactly as they should, like a bite of the Sea, and they were washed down with a Ginger Lemonade which was the perfect fiery accompaniment for my fresh Oysters.

With my thirst quenched and my hunger held at bay it was time, time to go in search of Pokemon. From Baker Street I headed towards Hyde Park. I’m not entirely sure why but I just felt that this would be a place that exciting and rare Pokemon could be found.

How funny it was walking down the road catching Pokemon and seeing that nearly everybody else was doing exactly the same thing.

That’s another thing I like about Pokemon, its like a community. In London it’s so easy to feel alone and separate from all those other people who are rushing around ignoring everyone else. But with this game, we were all on the same quest and more than once I entered into conversation with a complete stranger about Pokemon. It’s really a very nice break down of no speaking to people social norms.

When I got to Hyde Park, and caught a fair few Pokemon I then put down the game. The reason being that something had trumpet the AR world, and that was the real world. The real beautiful natural world was right in front of my very eyes. Showing me the majestic Swan gliding across the Serpentine, the squirrels darting about the park collection food and the sunset hitting the water and bouncing golden rays of light off of it.

Here is where it hit me, the game may be an amazing technological feat, it may have a way of creating a community, breaking down barriers and may even encourage exercise, but it should not be a replacement of reality and along as we all remember to put down that phone every now and again we should all be alright.

Would love to hear your thoughts, what team are you? Do you think this game is a good or a bad thing? Should there be usage restrictions? How far do you think AR can go?










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