The perfect products to brighten dull skin


So it’s January, and lets face it that is pretty depressing.

The weather is cold, wet and grey and aside from the fact that it can have a dampening effect on your mood, it can also make your skin look rather dull and feel dry, something we just do not need.

So here I have a few fave’s from this month to help beat those January greys and help restore the get up and glow feeling.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster (£45)


The aim of this is to help your skin’s ability to repair and renew leaving a youthful glow.

Now I have been using this little baby for about a month, and I love it! It glides onto the skin beautifully; it’s very lightweight so perfect for wearing under moisturisers and make up.

But most importantly, it puts a stopper to that dull skin affect, January inflicts on me!

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Fair to Medium Skin Body Lotion (£6)


When the winter months reach us it’s game over on the tan front, or it is for me anyway. So this month I turned to the lovely Dove. They kindly sent my friend a few products to test, and one of these she passed on to me; how lucky am I?

The first thing to say about this product is that it smells divine, like a tropical summer holiday in a bottle,with absolutely none of that awful fake tan smell which some products leave.

Smoothing on this lotion is a dream. It’s silky and leaves your skin soft and smooth which is an absolute god send in January as the weather has really started to dry my skin out.

The colour that you are left with after a few days of application is gorgeous. It gives you a hint of  a golden glow rather than any ridiculous shades of mahogany, meaning people will actually believe it to be real!


Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® OR (£19)


Last, but by all means not least, this oil is luxury in a bottle. The golden flecks add a dimension to the shimmer that really highlights wherever you put it. It is again another one which seems to have incapsulated the smell of all things summer into a bottle, and what an amazing smell that is.

I also love the fact that this has so many different uses. From highlighting your cheek bones, to giving your pins that model glow look, to adding a nourishing touch of sparkle to your hair. This beaut does it all!


So there we have it, thats my key three in the battle to let it glow through January.




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