Hampton Open Air Pool: A Christmas swim

If you’ve just got your new 2016 diary for Christmas then turn to the 25th December 2016 and write  ‘early morning open air swim’. You won’t regret it.

Dad had mentioned  Hampton Open Air Pool was open on Christmas day, and I thought he was joking, but I looked it up and it and it’s true the pool is open 365 days a year. 

And so, on Christmas morning, rather than running downstairs and opening my Christmas stockings, I found myself changing into my bikini and packing a towel and shower gel.

Oh and Yes I am 24, yes Father Christmas does still come to my house, no I am not interested in any of those malicious rumours going around claiming that he does not exist.


Now I know it looks a bit grey, and rainy, and it was because it’s England, but the pool was lovely and warm, and once you are already wet a bit of rain doesn’t faze you at all.

We rocked up about 10:30, and to my surprise we found it to be really quite busy. Obviously a Christmas dip is quite the tradition for some, and I can understand why.

It really is a lovely novel thing to do.

Although it is busy, there are separate lanes for those of us who take swimming a little too seriously, and a part for those wanting to splash about and just have a laugh.

After our swim we popped up to the cafe, they had bacon sandwiches, smoked salmon bagels, Buck’s Fizz, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

I’m very particular that my Christmas breakfast has to be my dad’s scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as it is the best in the world. So we skipped the food, but did grab a mulled wine and hot chocolate and both were lovely.

They definitely help warm you up!


Dad decided he’d like to wear his hot chocolate, rather than drink it…obviously!


Lovely post swim shot here. What an attractive pair we are!


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