Being the other woman

The other woman…is not always as you would paint her.

Not always is she willing, or knowing, not always is she cold and calculating.

Sometimes the other woman ends up just as hurt, just as cheated, deceived and broken.

Sometimes the other woman believes she is the only woman. And if a man tells her she is, then why wouldn’t she?

When a married man says he is separated, but can’t afford the divorce why shouldn’t she believe him?

If he had his own flat away from his wife, would it be so odd for her to believe they were separated?

If she worked in the same office as him, went on holiday with him, shared the same friends and spent two years together doing everything a couple would do. Can she really be classed as the other woman?

Would she really be such a fool for thinking that they were in a committed relationship?

When you hear stories of a man having an affair, often the blame is firmly placed on the other woman, and she is labelled as a home-wrecker, a whore.

But why do we jump to this conclusion, why do we slam this woman often without even stopping to check if she had a clue?

Why do we feel so sorry for the wife or girlfriend but fire aggression towards the other woman?

In many cases both women have been led to believe they are the only woman, both are in love, both have been lied to, and both hurt. So why do we give sympathy to one and hate to the other?

When it comes down to it, we are all women, so shouldn’t we all understand the stabbing pain of heartbreak?  And shouldn’t we stop and think before assuming the worst of our fellow women?

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