Quick Fix’s For Blemishes

I HATE the fact that every now and then my hormones decide to go mental, and give me a face full of blemishes.

I think its just out of order, because we were all led to believe that after the whole teenage, puberty thing we wouldn’t get them anymore. LIES we still do, and we still will…forever!

It’s such a killer, and it ALWAYS happens near your birthday, or a party, or whenever there is an event that you just generally don’t want to look like a human dot to dot for.

The thing is it doesn’t matter how much you look after your skin, watch your diet, or pray to the various God’s of complexion, sometimes the hormones win. And when they do win you need to have some quick fix’s to hand.

Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask for oily and spot prone skin

This’s brightly coloured little tube caught my attention in boots.

You know the thing about boots is you go in wanting Bobby pins and come out with a bag full of hair wonders, face perfecters, and once I even impulse bought a curling tong.

It’s the place where you say you will just pop in but end up spending half an hour in there.

But the thing is I really don’t mind that, I love a good boots haul!

Now usually I like to have a quick scan through the blurb on a product and then a check on the ingredients, but to be honest I’m not sure what I’m looking for a lot of the time as I don’t know what exactly those ingredients do.

This bottle however had a really nice way of listing the key ingredients and then next to them, what they were for. I have to say I really appreciate this as sometimes I can be looking at products thinking what on earth are all these ingredients for, and do I want them on my face?!

The mask is easy to apply, just whack your hair in a bun, run a bath, grab a glass of wine, a book, and then put on a generous layer of face mask. You leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and remove the excess with a flannel.

Now I’m not going to say to you that instantly I had new born baby skin, because I didn’t, but I did definitely notice a difference in my skin, it felt a lot less oily, my pores were smaller and the next morning my blemishes seem to have calmed down quite a lot.

For £4.99 I think this is a bargain, and also at the moment its on offer at £2.49 which is basically a give a way, especially as they say that it lasts for 10 uses, but I’ve got about 15 out of mine and still have some left.

EVE LOM Dynaspot

I was moaning ( no surprises there). And my Dad’s girlfriend heard me, next time she came over she had a gift for me. A small white box, containing a small white tube, containing a off-white cream. This cream was EVE LOM Dynaspot and it is amazing.

When you get blemish you want to wash your face then put a tiny dab of cream on, you can put it on straight from the nozzle which is a lot more hygienic than fingers. Then go to bed and let it do the magic, the cream goes a bit chalky and hard after a while so it wont go all over your bed sheets which is nice!

So in the morning if you get up, clean your face, then put on a dab more of the cream and leave it on while you are doing your hair/ getting dressed. Then if you sort of brush the chalky bit off, there remainder can stay on under your make up and do its magic through the day.

I swear by this stuff, it really works and fast, after just two applications my blemishes were dramatically reduced and in some cases, after just a day or two they were gone. Price wise well I’ve had a little look and it seems to be consistently £22.00, Dad’s girlfriend got it for me at SPACE NK so if you’re looking for it that’s where you’ll find it! Now yes for 10ML at £22.00 it isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, BUT its not the most expensive, and considering you don’t need much,and it does actually work I think its more than worth it!


GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment


So I’ve heard some amazing things about this and I really want to try it, however it’s currently sold out almost everywhere! One of the things that makes me want it so bad is that it claims “you can visibly see the congestion pull-out from your pores as it dries, giving immediate results in just one use.” Now that may sound grim but, isn’t that what you want? To actually see the blemish leave you and know the product working?  If I can get my hands on some I’ll most definitely be doing a review about it. Fingers Crossed

If you have any quick fix blemish fighters then let me know, and comment below , we’ve got to stick together in this war against the bitch that is the blemish!


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