MAC lipstick review

I’ve spent the majority of my make up wearing life being a lip gloss girl, you see with lip gloss you can’t really go wrong, the colours aren’t usually too bold, you don’t need to be careful when applying it, it’s sort of “safe sexyness”  in a tube.

Then I hit my 20’s, and I discovered lipstick, lipstick is a whole kind of different ball game, of course there are still lovely nude shades for daily wearing, but there are also some big bold beautiful shades.

If you’ve read “SHOES” then you’ll hear some reoccurring themes here. You see in the same way that your shoes can completely change the way you hold yourself, how you walk into a room, the right shade of lipstick can completely change your outfit, it can change your mood, give you confidence.

Morange Aplified

Bright, and bold this is one of my fun shades. Something I wear when I want to say HELLO I’m here without even opening my lips! It’s usually going to be seen in the Summer because of the orange hue and the fact that you really do need a tan to be rocking this.

Viva Glam II

Is my go to lipstick, it’s a lovely pinky, beigey colour which seems to work exceptionally well with my hair and brows and eyes, to give a fairly natural nude-ish look. I think the “go-to” lipstick is one of the hardest to find, but also one of the most important to have, you see once you’ve got your go to shade that’s it, you’ve got it for life!


Well, this is called Diva, so of course I absolutely love it. One of my fave make up looks is the vamp look and I’m lucky to have dark hair and eyes so it tends to work quite well. I love to get that chiselled look by hollowing out the cheeks and highlighting the cheek bones and then painting my lips with this deep burgundy red. Diva comes out mainly at night, when I’m going for the, as Jay-Z would say “all black everything” look. It gives confidence, attitude and an almost aggressive sexiness!

Lady Danger

Ahhh Lady Danger, she’s a lovely vibrant colour. This coraly shade is again more for the summer, because I really do need a tan for it, I’m a bit of a pale child you see! But I do love wearing it on those days when I want a vibrant red to brighten my day and lift my outfit.

Russian Red

A bit more of a subtle red, this gives you a lovely boost of confidence at work, but also manages to give you a bit a bit of sophisticated sexiness for those after work drinks too. And who doesn’t love a 2-4-1!

Those are my MAC loves, but I’d Love to hear what your MAC must haves are, and if there are any shades you’d recommend me giving a go?


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