A hangover cure


As is often the case on Sunday morning I woke up with a bit of a sore head!

That would be the result of a large amount of beer, I don’t often get a hangover in the form of sickness, but I nearly always get the headache.

Last night I joined my Dad and his girlfriend in Barnes, we went to a pub called The Halfway House to watch one of their friends sing with a band.

I’d been warned it would be an experience, and that it was!  It was an older crowd, and by older I mean 50+ I was the youngest person there by miles. At first I was a bit on edge, pub bands are not really my thing, I’m more of a mainstream clubber, and I don’t know why I just never got into the pub scene.

Everyone was up dancing and having fun, and with the help of 5 or 6 bottles of bud I though stop being a twat. They were having fun, singing, dancing, my god the dance moves, straight outta the 60’s, and although as an onlooker you might think how embarrassing, the people dancing weren’t embarrassed they were having fun, which is more than I could say standing judging drinking.

So I started to let loose, and dance. Two things spurred me into movement, one was my dad doing some sort of foot jive movement which now days would definitely be called Crip walking. The second was that as I watched this 50/60 something year old woman doing her energetic dancing, in the centre of the dance floor I saw myself. The only difference between her doing that and me giving it the old hair flick, slut drop routine in the middle of nearly every dance floor since I was 18, was that she seemed to have more energy than I and was able to keep going all night!

Anyway the rest of the night was a blast, I recommend you try out this pub, the music was good, the drinks are very cheap, the bar staff amazingly polite and friendly, and it was an all-round good vibe.

I always seem to have the best nights when they are unplanned, but also the worst headaches! To combat this I’ve made what I’m calling “The headache Healer”

No measurements here, a handful or two of strawberries and raspberries, a kiwi, dollop or two of Greek yoghurt, splash of milk and blend!

Then take to the sofa, whack on the lazy ass honey-dipped soul playlist on Spotify and let your headache be healed.


image   image image image image  image

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