Santander Cycles

When I was a child my Dad took me to the Science and Natural History Museum almost every weekend, and I loved it!

I have the most amazingly happy memories of both of them and so when I saw there was a competition to win tickets to cycle around the Science museum, after hours, on a Santander bike, I jumped at it!

Our tour group consisted of seven people including our tour guide, Daryl. Due to the small size, the whole thing felt personal and a special experience. Daryl told us to prepare for a whistle stop tour of the museum, and when he said whistle stop he really meant it!


We set off down a ramp into the museum. I must say it’s a very surreal experience. For me, I remember a loud place, with kids running around and yet tonight it was quiet except for the sounds of the Boulton & Watt rotative engine. We stopped here for Daryl to talk to us a bit about the machine and then we were off again.

I am not a very confident bike rider; in fact I’d go as far as to say I’m rubbish. Dad always goes on about how he got 100% on his cycling proficiency where as I am still baffled that I even got mine. My lack of confidence means that I am prone to sudden breaking, but hey, I didn’t fall off, so we know the Santander Cycles’ brakes work!

Next stop was space, a few facts about the shuttles and rockets and a look at a piece of the moon and then off again, this time into the lift. I would note here you do not have to ride into the lift, you can dismount.

When we came out of the lift it was to all things tech, from old to new.

The final stop for our tour was the welcome wing, in all its florescent technicolour glory. We parked up our bikes up and were given a drawstring goody bag with a Santander sports top and off we went home.

Although I wish that it could have been perhaps an hour or two longer I really enjoyed the experience, the people were friendly and I do believe a few nuggets of education may have stuck in my brain.

It was a lovely way to reminisce on my childhood.

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