All about Sad-Vents



“It’s obvious that the writing came from the heart. Every word felt authentic and lived. At times, incredibly easy to relate to and very engaging.”

“Very raw! Which also allows it to feel more real and beautiful! Despite it wandering off to numerous places from one topic/thought, it doesn’t feel messy/confusing! If anything it’s very relatable as I do find my brain often doing the same thing. It’s genuinely like thinking out loud.”

“Really interesting themes for me, I am a social worker so very thought-provoking. Like the monologue style, felt it allowed the actors to find their own inflections and humorous moments depending on their interpretation of the character. Dark comedy but realistic in terms of thoughts and feelings the characters are experiencing. Choice of language very impactful and a conversational tone which suited for a monologue, almost like a dialogue between different parts of the mind which was interesting.”

“Superb writing. Very cleverly put together.”

“Insane. The writing didn’t even feel like writing. It was just real and exactly how most people would talk which when also benefited the actors hugely.”

“ really enjoyed how colloquial and empowering it was Excellent. Every monologue was really well written. very conversational”

“You write really powerfully. The pieces seem honest and self-revelatory and true, and while I obviously don’t know how closely they are autobiographical, they made me feel a lot of sympathy for the writer. “

“Well written and brutal honest! We can all relate to one at least as women 

Fantastic! “

“Startlingly fresh, unexpected, and emotionally precise.”

“Very intresting project. I think it’s very smart to use social media as a platform for performing, it seems the industry is inevitably moving into that direction.”

“Despite the topics being quite sad/dark, I do believe people need to hear monologues such as these. It shows that we all feel those ways at times. Funny how something sad/negative can result in a positive outcome.”

“Impactful delivery and styling of social media. Caught my attention and was useful for reflection about life for myself and others. Realistic vignette of issues faced by womxn at a very complex time of the social calendar. Definitely share the perspective of the writer in suggesting that festivities can act as a magnifying spotlight on trauma, mental illness, etc.”

“Very clever project, utilising Instagram as a platform for art.”

“It is something unique for sure, and also needed”

“Clever title, interesting blurring of fiction and truth”

“Absolutely amazing idea. Original and relatable. A great way for a creative to use their life experiences and an incredible way to create during a pandemic.”

“I think it was a really original concept. It fits with the times with having to move art online in a whole new way.”

“Honest, brave, refreshing, heartfelt, gut-punching a good insight to mental health” 

“Never watched drama on Instagram, didn’t know I could, wound up watching in my phone because that felt like the appropriate medium, but exciting and innovative.”

“It’s a really fantastic idea. I like to see people women especially properly address their sadness and fears. We hold back way too much and only focus on happiness and it’s not a true reflection of life. There should be more projects like this.”

“I thought that was smart. Clearly people engage with stories way more than with instagram posts. Also, I’m very excited to see you take this project further after this nightmare of covid is over with. Would be eager to see the adaptation for stage”



Sad-Vents Monologues (Series 2):